Making Adjustments

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There are many products on the market which can help a huge range of disabilities or learning difficulties. Our webstore at stocks a large range of software and hardware.

Organisational Software helps users with Time Management, Organisation and Idea Mapping. Whether you are writing an essay or report or organising your daily tasks the benefits of using this type of software are huge.

Examples: Inspiration, MindGenius, MindManager, MindView

Audio Tools help users record lectures or meetings and allow you to index your recordings, add notes, links and organise your data. Digital recorders used in conjunction with audio tools software have become an invaluable tool in education or employment.

Examples: Audio Notetaker, Dragon, Livescribe

Literacy Support Software can help users with reading, writing, studying and researching. Literacy support can be an effective aid to people with Dyslexia or other literacy based requirements.

Examples: Claroread, Global Autocorrect, Texthelp

There is a wide range of product solutions available and our assessment will outline the best advice for the individual.


We provide full training on all of our products which focuses on the individual needs of our clients.

In order to get the most from new assistive technology, extensive training may be required. This training not only teaches the individual how to use their technology but also how it can be applied to their individual environment and circumstances.

We also provide each individual with professionally written and accredited online courses which can be used to augment our one-to-one training, provide lifelong access to training resources and allow individuals to re-learn technology if they need to.

To learn more, visit Our experienced trainers can also carry out group training seminars. These are excellent for training I.T staff, managers or support workers in the technology their colleagues or employees will be using.


We are accredited by the British Dyslexia Association to provide dyslexia coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is vital way of making adjustments to keeping a person productive and as independent as possible in employment. Our mentors will gain an understanding of each individual’s job role and tasks and implement practical recommendations including new techniques, methods of working and coping strategies designed to help with workload, memory issues, stress and many more areas.