The Assessment Process

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STEP ONE: Screening (Dyslexia only)

Concept Northern can provide an in depth dyslexia screening assessment process for individuals to cater to their individual requirements.

As part of the test we will analyse and interpret results and provide a detailed report. This report will detail whether a person is showing tendencies in line with dyslexia and the severity of these tendencies.

If a person produces a positive dyslexia screening result we can then recommend a technical workplace assessment.

STEP TWO: Workplace Assessment

Assessments are carried out on a one-to-one basis and identify problematic areas within the workplace.

The assessment and report help identify how a person’s disability impacts on their working practice and shows where reasonable adjustments can be made.

As well as practical reasonable adjustments, the assessment will show what (if any) assistive technology recommendations can be put in place to help a disabled person fulfil their job role, remain productive and also help to ensure the organisation is doing everything possible to cater for disabled persons and abide by the Equality Act.

The recommendations made can increase productivity immediately on most occasions.

STEP THREE: Recommendations

Once an assessment has taken place a detailed report will be issued showing what reasonable adjustments and technology has been recommended and why.

These could range from installing an access ramp for wheelchair users to using particular fonts in emails. Other adjustments could involve purchasing assistive technology, which can assist computer users.

Software such as Dragon Dictate for example, allows a user to dictate documents through voice recognition and can be used if an employee has trouble typing, spelling or composing sentences due to their learning difficulty. Our experienced assessors can make many recommendations and adjustments based on each individual’s circumstances.

Most of these recommendations can be part-funded by Access to Work.

STEP FOUR: Products

There are many products on the market which can help a huge range of disabilities or learning difficulties. Our online quoting system at gives more information.

Visually impaired persons can make use of magnification software or speech input and output software.

Employees with dyslexia can use literacy software to help with spelling or sentence structure.

Our assessment report will detail what technology will assist an employee and provide justification for its use.

STEP FIVE: Training

We provide full training on all our products which focuses on the individual needs of our clients.

In order to get the most out of your employees’ new assistive technology, extensive training may be required. This training not only teaches the individual how to use their technology but also how to use it in their individual environment and circumstances.

We also provide each individual with professionally written and accredited online courses which can be used to augment our one to one training, provide lifelong access to training resources and allow individuals to re-learn technology if they need to.

To learn more, visit Our experienced trainers can also carry out group training seminars. These are excellent for training I.T staff, managers or support workers in the technology their colleagues or employees will be using.

STEP SIX: Coaching

We are accredited by the British Dyslexia Association to provide dyslexia coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is vital to keeping a person productive and as independent as possible in employment. Our mentors will gain an understanding of each individual’s job role and tasks and implement practical recommendations including new techniques, methods of working and coping strategies designed to help with workload, memory issues, stress and many more areas.

STEP SEVEN: Awareness Training

In many organisations awareness training can go a long way to increasing productivity not only in the person with a learning difficulty but also in their colleagues.

Awareness training will show employers what problems persons with learning difficulties face, how to help them practically and how to treat them in a professional working relationship. This is vital in giving confidence to a person with learning difficulties and breaking barriers with their colleagues.

Our awareness seminars can be held at your premises and will be tailored to each company’s requirements. We will listen to your needs and experience levels and tailor our training to suit.

STEP EIGHT: From Start to Finish

Concept Northern can assist your organisation every step of the way to ensuring reasonable adjustments are made on a per case level or companywide.

From assessment to supply, training and support – Concept Northern can provide it all. With unmatched order turnaround time, dedicated support teams, experienced and caring trainers and friendly staff who are always there to help, Concept Northern can ensure the whole process goes smoothly for your organisation and your staff.